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  • October 25, 2023 4 min read

    By Melanie Rudd

    Organize all the essential—for mom and baby—in your KUSSHI bags.

    Ask any momma-to-be and we’re willing to bet she’ll agree that the third trimester of pregnancy goes crazy fast. Amidst all of the fun stuff (baby showers! 3D ultrasounds!), the last three months are also a whirlwind of preparations. The car seat has to be installed, nursery finished...and hospital bag packed. And in my case, I’m doing all of that—times two. I’m currently four weeks away from having twins, meaning the last part of my pregnancy has been filled with double the craziness. To be fair, I did Google “when should I pack my hospital bag?” quite a while ago, and oops, missed that deadline. But there’s no time like the present. As a type-A girlie who loves nothing more than perfect storage and organization, using all of my favorite KUSSHI bags was the perfect way to keep all of the essentials I need (or, at least think I’ll need) for me and the babies.


    Here's my hospital bag checklist:

    First up, toiletries. I’m the kind of person who absolutely has to BYO all my essentials, even for one night away. So I grabbed minis of my favorites—shampoo, conditioner, lotion, you get the picture. I added some things that my mom friends have told me are especially helpful to have on-hand; eye patches, a claw clip, and a hydrating lip mask (I’m loving the Laneige Sleeping Mask). Normally, I’d split up toiletries and makeup in two separate KUSSHI bags, but since I don’t plan on doing a full face during my hospital stay, I kept my makeup to a minimum: concealer, bronzer, a brow pencil, cream blush, mascara. That meant that I was able to fit everything perfectly into the roomy KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag in Black Leather, with even a little room to spare. Magic! Plus, all of the interior zip pockets and compartments made it easy to organize the stuff within it.


     KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag


    Next, lots of comfy PJs and loungewear. I’ve been loving the Kindred Bravely Clea Bamboo Classic Long Sleeve Pajama Set and the Hatch The Over/Under-Easy Pants. I added my favorite “mama” sweatshirt too, because it felt appropriate, plus two nursing bras. I of course had to make sure I had a going home outfit for mom—in this case, a cozy sweater set that’s extremely comfortable but still looks cute for the inevitable photo opps that will ensue.


    I’m trying to be strategic about what I bring for the babies themselves, since I’ve heard that the hospital really will provide pretty much everything you need. I limited myself to just a few onesies, as well as these Kyte Baby Zippered Footies in Coffee Rainbow that will be their going-home outfits. Since their stuff is all so tiny, I was able to fit it all into the KUSSHI Vacationer Makeup Bag. It proved to be the perfect way to corral all of their stuff and keep it separate from mine. (Not to mention that the camel leather makes it so much cuter than the generic packing cube I would have used otherwise). 


    KUSSHI Vacationer Makeup Bag 


    I’m also bringing the new KUSSHI Medium Travel Jewelry Organizer. I don’t wear a ton of jewelry, but I do have a few sentimental bracelets that I always wear, plus my wedding and engagement rings. This organizer stores totally flat and takes up no space, but is a great way to keep my jewelry both safe and organized. Not to mention there’s plenty of room for a push present (or two). Hint, hint to my husband. (Speaking of, he’s in charge of packing his own dad hospital bag. I’m not quite sure what will wind up in there, but stay tuned.)


    I also wanted to have an organized place to stick some other miscellaneous items I’ve been told are good to have on-hand in your hospital bag. I’m using the KUSSHI On-the-Go Pouch Set to stash those things away: an extra-long phone charger, a Roku stick, and my Kindle. I’ll likely end up adding a card case with my ID and insurance card in there, too, since I don’t want to bring an entire wallet or purse.


     KUSSHI Hospital Bag packing tips


    Besides all of that, there are just a few miscellaneous things that I’ll throw in at the last minute. I just ordered the Frida Mom C-Section Recovery Kit; I’m having a planned C-section and have heard this is an absolute must with all of the necessities for a C-section hospital bag in one convenient box. I’m going to BYO my own pillow and blanket, too, as well as my emotional support Stanley water bottle and some snacks. But for now, it feels like I’m in pretty good shape, and it makes me feel better knowing not only that my hospital bag checklist is complete, but also that everything is perfectly organized in its own little KUSSHI home. Still, that doesn’t mean I’m labor ready or want these babies to come any earlier than scheduled—momma’s got more stuff to do! 






     Melanie Rudd Headshot

    Melanie Rud is a Chicago-based beauty and lifestyle writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in the industry.  After graduating with degrees in journalism and English from New York University, she spent several years in New York City, working as a beauty editor at several prominent publications, including Shape,Good Housekeeping, and Health. She now contributes to a wide array of print and digital outlets including Women’s Health, Better Homes & Gardens, RealSimple.comRealSelf, Byrdie, and many more. Additionally, Melanie also consults and provides editorial services for many major beauty companies.

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