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  • October 03, 2023 6 min read

    Traveling For Your Honeymoon? Here’s How to Pack Your KUSSHI Bags

    By Emily Orofino

    While I wouldn’t change anything about the magic that was my wedding day, I can’t say that planning it wasn’t stressful. After months of making phone calls, coordinating vendors, tracking down missing RSVPs, and being faced with last-minute cancellations, I am greatly looking forward to packing up and leaving for our romantic honeymoon. And, as a seasoned beauty writer, editor, and marketer, I like to start any packing journey with my makeup bag, which is made even easier by KUSSHI makeup bags and makeup organizers. Here, with the help of experts, I’m sharing what you should bring on your honeymoon—plus the specific items that will be coming with me.

    Honeymoon Makeup Bag Must-Haves: Travel Essentials

    Before we get into the fun stuff, remember that you need to pack the items you need for your trip to ensure you get to your destination smoothly. For me, that’ll be my passport, any tickets, credit cards, phone, charging cable, and Airpods, which all fit perfectly into the larger pouch in my KUSSHI On-The-Go pouch set



    Honeymoon Makeup Bag Must-Haves: Skincare

    Careful packing is important on any trip, but according to Martha Pearlstone, luxury travel expert and travel advisor at FORA Travel, it’s especially important for clients going on a honeymoon. “I like to lighten their loads at a stressful time by giving them some advice on how and what to pack, depending on where they are going and their experience as a traveler,” she says. For my trip, I’ll be bringing the KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag in Pink and Teal (I love preppy shades!) with the KUSSHI Double Pocket Organizer snapped inside. I love how the fabric of these bags are fully machine washable in case of any accidental spills or leaks.

    If you’re flying to your destination, starting out with a strong, moisturized skin barrier is key. Pearlstone’s packing hack is to stash a separate makeup bag in your carryon or personal item filled with what she refers to as “critical air travel essentials.” “Airplane travel sucks the moisture out of our skin,” she explains. “The air is very dry, and when you compound that with poor sleep—which we all usually have—it can take a toll on our skin and appearance.” 

    Pearlstone’s must-haves include pre-moistened makeup remover wipes, a rich facial moisturizer, and products designed to care for the delicate eye area, as well as a face mist, nourishing lip balm (“nothing waxy,” Pearlstone says) and a good hand cream. “You want to keep that ring hand looking on point!” she says. My air essentials include all of the above, specifically Dr. Jart Ceramidin Skin Barrier Cream, which is loaded with ceramides, the lipids that act as the “mortar” between the “bricks” of the skin cells, preventing moisture from escaping to leave the skin hydrated and comfortable. For my eyes, I never travel without a pair or two of Wander Beauty Baggage Claim eye masks, which aren’t just soothing, but shockingly stylish—they come in a variety of different metallic colorways. Like individually-wrapped face wipes, these slip easily into the Double Pocket Organizer, as do my M-61 Hydraboost HA Serum Pads and Spot My UV Detection Stickers. The former adds extra hydration to my skincare routine, while the latter reminds me to reapply sunscreen.

    For added moisture, I often slap these eye masks on top of a generous coat of twenty/twenty beauty Get Growing Lash & Brow Serum. This formula is packed with nourishing oils, including castor oil, which not only promotes hair growth but soothes dry skin and eyes. I’m admittedly not great about using hand cream, but the luxe (and satisfying) packaging and delicate floral fragrance of Chanel Le Crème Main helps remind me to slather some on. And to keep my lips soft and kissable, I always reach for Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm, a comforting formula that quenches thirsty lips practically on contact. For an added bonus, consider packing Listerine Breath Strips or Binaca, which take up very little space in any kit, and a pair of special socks. “If it is a particularly long flight, include a pair of compression socks in your bag to avoid swollen feet when you land—there are some cute ones available these days,” says Pearlstone.


    Honeymoon Packing list cosmetics


    Honeymoon Makeup Bag Must-Haves: Cosmetics

    For makeup, I plan on packing light—I’m focusing on being relaxed over getting glam—but I’m still bringing the essentials. Natalia Thomas, celebrity makeup artist in New York City, recommends bringing multifunctional face palettes, like Danessa Myricks Dewy Lip & Cheek Palette to cut down on bulk. “Bring a neutral quad and something sparkly to spice up any look by layering it on top,” she suggests. If you’re using a powder shadow, Thomas highly suggests trying Lorac Behind the Scenes Primer. She also recommends waterproof or tube mascara and an eyelash curler, which she refers to as “indispensable.” I love the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara—it’s budget-friendly and makes my lashes pop while preventing any smears or streaks. Thomas also recommends a good setting spray, especially if you’re traveling somewhere humid. “My favorite is Skindinavia Waterproof Bridal Setting Spray,” she says. “It’s available in a tiny travel size.”

    I’ll be packing what I have on hand—Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Stay Spray—as well as some of my everyday essentials, like Lawless Beauty Shape Up Soft Fill Eyebrow PencilSaie Slip Tint SPF 35 Tinted MoisturizerJones Road The Face Pencil, and the Bobbi Brown Longwear Cream Shadow Sticks, which truly don’t budge. I’m also packing my trusty Chanel La Lime à Ongles file and Tweezerman Micro Tweezer because I can’t stand to have nail snags or stray brow hairs. And, of course, basics like a toothbrush, floss, and comb are coming with, which all easily slip into the Double Pocket Organizer.


    Honeymoon Makeup Bag Must-Haves: The Extras

    Because the KUSSHI makeup bag is so roomy, I have plenty of space for unexpected items, too. I love The Good Patch B12 Awake patches for a burst of non-jittery energy, which I desperately need when I travel; the brand’s Desire patches will also be tagging along on my trip—after all, it is my honeymoon. My deck of Our Moments Couples conversation starter cards fit neatly into my makeup bag; these are wonderful for learning new things about your partner and strengthening your communication with them. And to further boost the honeymoon vibes, I’m bringing a small bottle of perfume (“Sometimes in the rush to pack and remember all the essentials, we forget the little extras,” says Pearlstone) as well as a Diptyque Baies travel candle, per Perlstone’s suggestion. “I am a big fan of bringing my own favorite candle with me on any romantic vacation,” she says. “Not only does it make me feel more at home in my space, but it can add a little special touch when setting the mood.” She notes that you should be sure to pack some matches—they’re not as easy to find when traveling these days.

    Because this is my honeymoon, I’m packing some extra goodies for my new bling. To keep my ring clean, I always have a Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik with me—it’s like a lip gloss pen of yesteryear, but filled with a diamond cleansing formula to keep your jewelry bright and sparkly. For storage, Thomas swears by The Ring Thing, a waterproof storage case that can be used as a keychain. I also recommend jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb’s Arm Candy accessory. This clever wristband features a pocket with a locking zipper that you can hide your jewelry in while working out to protect it from any fitness equipment and keep it safe and sweat-free. And now that my honeymoon beauty and travel essentials are packed, I only have one thing left to worry about—how I’m going to fit all my clothes into a carry-on suitcase!


    Emily Orofino

    Emily Orofino discovered her passion for beauty at the age of four and has been chasing the high of that first lipstick ever since. She has over a decade of experience working in beauty across editorial, marketing, product development, and brand consulting. You can find her work on sites including InStyle, Harper's Bazaar, RealSelf, Editorialist, ELLE, Cosmo, Byrdie, Refinery29, and POPSUGAR, where she held a staff position as a beauty editor. She has also held in-house roles at Spotlyte by Allergan, Tarte Cosmetics, and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare.


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