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  • August 30, 2023 5 min read


    By Victoria Kirby

    As we wind down summer’s carefree days, we can’t help but crave a little structure again (is it any coincidence that Virgos, who are known for being systematic and hyper-organized, are born during the back-to-school period?). One of the most satisfying ways to get things in order is to arrange an organized desk: it’ll help you feel ready to crush it at the office, WFH, at school, running your household, or with anything else on your plate. And our KUSSHI bags and pouches—including our sleek new Pencil Case—are the perfect accessories for all your small space organization.


    You might shrug and say, “Meh, messy workspaces don’t bother me”—but disarray can be detrimental to your productivity. Research has shown that our physical environments significantly affect our thinking and behaviors, and that cluttered spaces can make us stressed, anxious, and less able to focus, according to a Harvard Business Review article. Scientists have found that our brains like order and that when we clear our work environment of clutter, we’re more productive and we process information better. People also tend to think favorably of us: one study found that participants with messy desks were perceived to be less conscientious, more neurotic, and less agreeable. 

    The good news is, it’s easy to create a tidy, functional desk area that will keep your cognitive juices flowing. Our KUSSHI pieces stash your stuff while brightening up your workspace, dorm room, or kids’ room organization to spark plenty of joy in your day. 

    1. Place everyday items within arm’s reach. Everything displayed on your desk, save a few personal touches, should be items you use constantly—otherwise, they’re just creating clutter. If your work is mostly paperless, toss your stapler and paper clips in a drawer and put the headphones you use for calls out in plain view. In other words, give prime real estate to the products that get near-daily use.
    1. Make yourself comfortable. Your computer monitor should sit at eye level to prevent neck and eye strain, so use a computer raiser or, for added flair, place your monitor atop a stack of colorful books. If you work on a laptop, a tilted riser will prevent you from hunching over your keyboard. And if you spend most of your workday sitting, it’s worth investing in a high-quality, ergonomic desk chair: they’re designed to support good posture and reduce the risk of neck and back pain. 
    1. Optimize small space organization. You’ll sail through tasks more efficiently if you divide your workspace into zones, which make it easy to find what you need and transition from one task to the next. 
    • The center of an organized desk is your digital zone, with your computer, cell phone, headphones (if you use them frequently), and charging station all right in front of you.
    • A writing area for jotting down notes should be on your right, or to your left if you’re left-handed. If you use a landline phone for work, place it near the writing area.
    • The other side of the desk serves as the task zone for your inbox and other to-do’s. 
    • Personal items like a framed photo or two or a pretty desk calendar can go towards the back of the desk on either side.
    • For your shelves and storage zone, choose a color palette that makes you happy for all your folders, binders, boxes, and bins. It’ll bring calm and unity to the space. 
    1. Create organized desk drawers. Without a storage system, drawers become black holes of disorder. For small space organization in shallow drawers, use spring-loaded dividers to create slots for items like scissors, a stapler, a hole punch, and so on, then add trays for clips and pins. For maximum efficiency, use a label maker to note what each nook is for.

    In deeper drawers, group loose items into bins and cases. Our KUSSHI On-the-Go Pouch Set comes with two plush, neoprene-fabric zip cases that are perfect for stashing extra chargers and headphones, batteries, reading glasses, and anything else that could use a little padded protection. They come in bright colors and patterns so they’re easy to spot in a drawer, and they’re machine washable for effortless cleaning.

    On-The-Go Pouches

    1. Hide cord clutter. There’s nothing orderly about a web of wires on your desk, so try adding a cable box that conceals cords and power strips. To keep what’s inside from getting tangled, wrap the length of each cable into a loop, then use a twist tie or a mini hair claw clip to hold it in place. 
    1. Stash small stuff in a pencil case. With digital devices replacing writing things down on paper, the classic pencil case—once a staple in every student’s backpack and every worker’s bag—has new purpose. Our new neoprene-fabric  KUSSHI Pencil Case is ideal for stowing anything slim in your desk, from USBs to combs and bobby pins to reusable straws and utensils for working lunches. It’s also great for your kids’ room organization to store crayons and markers, because when the case gets gunked up, you can toss it right into the washing machine.
    1. Find your good light. Rather than rely on harsh overhead office lighting or plain ol’ task lights, place an attractive lamp on your desk that casts a warm glow and complements the color palette of your workspace.
    1. Add what inspires you. Personalize your workplace aesthetic with something that uplifts you, whether that’s a vision board collage of inspiring images, or covering the walls of your office cubicle with removable wallpaper, or burning your favorite candle at your desk (if that’s not allowed in your dorm or office, a candle warmer releases the scent without any flames).

    1. Apply these tips to kids’ room organization and other areas. Use these tricks and systems throughout your home to create visually pleasing, orderly spaces that promote function and efficiency. When everything has its place, you’re able to focus better on what you’re doing and get the most out of your time—which is what the KUSSHI lifestyle is all about.


    Victoria Kirby

    Victoria Kirby is a New York City-based journalist, editor, brand consultant, and on-air trend expert specializing in the beauty and wellness industries. Throughout her 20 years in media, she has been the beauty director of Redbook, editorial director of, deputy editor of CBS Watch, and beauty editor at Allure and Harper's Bazaar. Her on-air appearances include Today, Good Morning America, E! News, Extra, Inside Edition, and Good Day New York, and she has been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, New York Daily News, Baltimore Sun,,, and

    Victoria currently consults and writes for a variety of consumer beauty brands, and she writes for publications including Oprah, InStyle, Allure, Prevention, Shape, CEW, and 

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