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    The travel makeup bag that can be used every day

    Makeup Bag that opens wide to easily see all cosmetics inside

    The Makeup Bag

    With zippers on 3 sides, seeing all of your makeup has never been easier. Your cosmetics stay protected and easy to find. And did we mention that it's washable? Use the Kusshi Makeup Bag by itself or snap in an Organizer. You decide how to carry your makeup.
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    Makeup brush organizer filled with brushes, cosmetics, and bodycare products

    The Organizer

    Organize your makeup, bodycare products and brushes while protecting your brushes from bent bristles. The Organizer folds in half and snaps into the Makeup Bag or snap it into the Clutch Cover to bring your most important makeup items with you. Organization and protection at it's best.

    Clutch cover to take your makeup with you

    The Clutch Cover

    Snap your Organizer into a Clutch Cover and quickly convert it to an on-the-go makeup clutch. Bring it as your evening clutch for a night on the town or toss it into your bag to keep your cosmetics and beauty products organized, protected and easy to access.

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  • Kusshi Features

    Washable makeup bags in a washing machine


    No need to worry about spilling your makeup inside your bag. Throw your makeup bag, organizer and fabric clutch cover into the washing machine & hang dry. It's that easy! 

    Makeup bag with large easy to use zippers

    Amazing Zippers

    Our makeup bags have large easy to grab zipper pulls. Combined with our high quality zippers, this makes opening your makeup bag faster & easier.

    Makeup bag opens wide to see everything inside

    See Everything

    With zippers on 3 sides, our makeup bag lets you see all of your cosmetics and beauty products with minimal digging.

    Makeup bag has lots of pockets to easily store your cosmetics

    Lot of Pockets

    Who doesn't love pockets?! With both open mesh and zipper pockets in our makeup bags, everything has its place.

    Brush organizer snaps in to the makeup bag

    Snap in Organization

    The Organizer easily snaps into your makeup bag and then quickly snaps into our clutch cover for on-the-go organization.

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    Refinery29 recommends our makeup bags

    "10/10 would recommend."

    Huffington Post recommends our cosmetic bags

    "Kusshi is the greatest way to store your Makeup Brushes"

    Lilliana Vazquez from the Today Show reviews our makeup bags

    "This is proving to be the most practical (and cutest) way to pack and carry our products... we absolutely recommend."

    Makeup bag review from Beautetude

    "This makeup bag is always in my purse now. it holds so much makeup and the best part is i can see exactly what i'm looking for."

    Best makeup bag from Slashed Beauty

    "These have been heaven-sent in making packing feel like a breeze, and have been key in helping me stay organized and stylish throughout my trip."

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