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We want you to be ready for your next travel adventure. Kusshi was built on the notion that all travel products should make traveling easier, keeping your most valuable items protected and easily accessible. Your travel accessories should help you stay organized while living your luxurious and fashionable life.  

Kusshi was started by women who travel for women who travel. All of our products are carefully researched, thoughtfully designed, and thoroughly tested. Every bag, brush organizer, and clutch cover is handcrafted with the highest quality leather and materials by a luxury goods manufacturer so your Kusshi is built to last. With so many travel products in the market that don’t make it any easier to travel with your possessions or keep you organized, we knew that we had to fill this void in the market. Our first product, the Makeup Bag & Brush Organizing System, is just the beginning of what Kusshi can do to keep women organized on the go.


Our Makeup Bag

Your beauty products should be easily accessible every day and when you travel. And your makeup bag should easily transition with you, whether you are at home, on an airplane, or in a hotel. After a year and a half of designing, testing, and gaining feedback from women who travel all over the world, we finally began production of the most organized makeup bag you will find on the market.

The fabric makeup bag is machine washable, while our leather makeup bag has a zip out interior lining that can also be machine washed. With zippers on 3 sides, our makeup bags open wide so you can see all of your makeup without digging. There are even mesh pockets for easy access to your sponges and eyelash curler, and a zipper pocket for anything you want to keep secure.

Our Brush Organizer, which snaps directly into the makeup bag, isn’t just for your brushes. We have customers who use it for everything from their lipsticks to their toothbrush to their eyeliner and even moisturizer. The possibilities are endless.

We’ve even designed a cover to take only your brush organizer with you. Snap your organizer into a cover then then back into your makeup bag. It’s that easy.  Use it to store you brush organizer and brushes or fill it with everything you need for a night on the town.  


Our Original Supporters

Kusshi was made possible through the support of crowdfunding, via our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. We are eternally grateful to our very first customers who supported us as we were getting off the ground. Click here for a full list of our crowdfunding supporters.