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May 25, 2021 2 min read

KUSSHI Tips & Tricks

Get the most out of your KUSSHI products with these tips and tricks from our organizational experts.
Tip #1:  Always start clean  
Machine wash your KUSSHI bag and accessories and hang to dry. 

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Tip #2: Declutter Your Products

Start off by sorting through your makeup and beauty products and tossing anything that is expired or no longer suits you. We also recommend only keeping seasonally appropriate products in your bag at any given time. Now that it's summer, you can bring out your bronzer and SPF and put away your heavy winter moisturizers. 

For more, check out our other blog post on Decluttering Your Makeup Bag.


Tip #3: Use an Organizer

Using one of our three snap-in Organizers keeps your Signature or Vacationer bags looking neat and saves you time looking for products. No more digging!

Pro Tip: The Brush Organizer is for more than just brushes. The 11 compartments easily store mascara, lipsticks, eye pencils and even your toothbrush!

Tip #4: Stand UP

To get the most space out of your bag and be most organized, we recommend standing your palettes, serums and bottles up when packing your KUSSHI. 

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Tip #5: Use the Pockets

This tip may sound obvious, but many people forget to use the pockets. The mesh pockets offer easy access to your eyelash curler or makeup sponge while the zipper pocket is perfect for anything you want to keep secure. 


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Tip #6: Protect Breakables

Give your special products extra protection with our Bottle Protectors. Bottle Protectors are amazing for keeping your serums, oil, foundations, or perfume safe from breaking.

Pro Tip: stack your pods of concealer, eye shadow and lip gloss in our small Bottle Protector for maximum space. 



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Want to learn even more tips? Schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 virtual session with one of our experts. To schedule, click here.


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