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  • November 25, 2023 3 min read


    As a small business, KUSSHI aims to support like-minded brands and female entrepreneurs. In honor of Small Business Saturday, we interviewed one of our preferred partners who created the custom stitched designs for our recently launched Embroidery Icon Collection, Lisa Burns of The Monogram Shoppe.


    Lisa Burns Monogram Shoppe

    How long have you been in business as The Monogram Shoppe?

    I purchased The Monogram Shoppe six years ago, following a 30-year corporate career in the Aerospace and Defense industry, plus 20-years of owning my own company, Eye Envy (a tear stain remover for dogs and cats).  

    What started you on the path to owning The Monogram Shoppe?

    My path to owning The Monogram Shoppe was quite a fluke!  I purchased the store  with the intention of launching a high-end pet business. However, the previous owners had been doing the monogramming for my first company, Eye Envy, for nearly 20 years. I knew that there were limited partners that would cater to monogramming for small businesses. I decided to take on the challenge and learn the art of monogramming so that I could honor the service that had been available to the community for more than two decades. At that time, I had absolutely no sewing experience and barely knew how to thread a needle! Yet, it was fun to learn. I find it very fulfilling to create special keepsakes and memories and to make people happy with their personalized items. 

    The Monogram Shoppe

    What is the strangest thing that you have ever embroidered? 

    During COVID, I embroidered a toilet paper roll.

    What is the hardest thing that you have ever embroidered?

    The most challenging thing I ever embroidered was a lamp shade.

    What has been your most fulfilling item to embroider? 

    I was very touched when someone asked me to embroider a blanket for a patient undergoing cancer treatment. It warmed my heart and made me feel as though I was surrounding them with a big hug. 

    What’s your favorite kind of product to embroider/monogram?

    My favorite items to monogram are the KUSSHI leather bags. They always look  so elegant, and customers gush with excitement over the finished product!

    What do you own that  is your personal favorite embroidered/monogrammed item?

    This may be a little ironic but, personally, I am not a big monogram person. I attribute this to the fact that it was not really something I grew up with and not something I wear often. My exceptions are my favorite pair of cozy pajamas and my cosmetic bag --- KUSSHI, of course!

    KUSSHI Embroidered

    What are your favorite small businesses to shop? 

    I love to support small businesses owned by women and veterans.  As a woman, I believe that we need to support and empower other women, especially our youth.  Two of my favorite companies are Nodpod and Vintage Addiction (they recycle military canvas into bags). I find it inspiring when someone identifies an opportunity, acts on it, and creates something that fulfills a need.

    What advice have you been given as a small business owner that has stuck with you ever since?

    The piece of advice I was given that has stuck with me throughout the years is: Always be truthful.  I make it a point to be transparent with my customers and I never try to sell something that I don’t personally believe in. I think it is important to stand by your work and your ethics. Keep your successes close to your heart and never lose sight of your dreams. You do not have to start BIG, you just  have to start. 

    What is a piece of advice you would give to a small business owner who is just starting out?

    My advice to those starting their own business is: Do not wait until it is all perfect.  Start small, see if the idea sticks, and then give it your all.  Throughout the process, do not lose sight of yourself or your family. If you have a passion for something, and you feel it will make a difference in the world, it’s worth giving it a try!



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