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  • August 28, 2019 3 min read

    As a professional organizer and someone who used to travel as part of my job for over five years, I know how to pack a travel bag.  But I will say that I struggled with my makeup (both how to store it for every day and while traveling) for a long time. I’ve used various makeup bags that were super cute but not super functional.  Luckily, I came across KUSSHI, started using their signature makeup bag full set with brush organizer, and haven’t looked back since. Here’s how I keep my makeup organized and at the ready whether I’m rushing to a consultation in the morning or going on an extended trip.

    megan tevlin professional organizer kusshi makeup bags
    (Professional organizer Megan Tevlin)

    As I mentioned, I used to travel weekly for work.  That is when I started keeping my daily and most often used makeup in a dedicated bag for easy packing.  Once I stopped traveling frequently, I found it just as convenient to keep my most regularly used makeup in a designated bag that I pull out of my bathroom cabinet when getting ready.  Over the years, I used my fair share of makeup bags; typically selected based on aesthetic over function. Anything super functional was far too large and complicated for my needs and just not super practical since I was living out of carry-on luggage. 

    The cute bags I gravitated towards while holding my makeup, never seemed to completely hit the mark functionally. I often had a difficult time finding a certain blush shade or my tweezers and typically dumped the whole bag out onto the counter, which just increased the time it would take me to get ready.  Not ideal when touching up my makeup in an airport bathroom, or when rushing to a client’s home. I don’t have this problem with the KUSSHI bag.

    One of my favorite features of their bags is the zippered design. The zipper stretches almost ¾ of the way around the bag allowing for a wide opening that gives you visibility to all your items inside.  There are two mesh pouches on one side of the bag which I like to use for my tweezers, eyebrow gel, eyelash curler, and any small sample products I’m testing out. I don’t use a beauty blender on the regular, but one is easily and conveniently stored in one of these mesh pouches. On the other side of the bag is a zippered pouch that I personally use for hair ties and bobby pins.  The main section of the bag stores the bulky remainder of my makeup: foundation, concealers, blush options, and mascara.

    kusshi makeup bag organizer

    Another issue I found with many makeup bags was that my full-size makeup brushes never seemed to fit.  When traveling, I either lived without makeup brushes, choosing to do my makeup using my hands as my only tools (I never said I was a beauty or makeup expert), occasionally used travel-sized brushes which increased application time, or embarrassingly, used a gallon-sized plastic resealable bag. 

    Thankfully, the KUSSHI brush organizer has changed all that. The brush organizer easily holds all the makeup brushes I use. The various sized slots accommodate both fat and thin handled brushes and can even be used for tube makeup like most mascaras, concealers, and lipsticks. The best part about the brush organizer is that it compactly folds up and snaps inside the signature makeup bag so I can keep all my day-to-day items together and easily accessible. 

    During those occasions when I want to travel with extra makeup or extend my makeup bag into an overnight bag by stashing my contact solution, facewash, and moisturizer, I can create more room by removing the self-contained brush organizer. The organizer snaps together and is fully self-sufficient but KUSSHI also has a super cute clutch cover for the brush organizer. It adds an additional sophistication that my resealable gallon plastic bag certainly never could.

    Kusshi makeup bag and organizer

    The last thing that really sold me on the KUSSHI products was the ability to wash them.  Let’s face it, the inside of our makeup bags can get pretty nasty. From spilled product to dirty brushes, I’m sure all our makeup bags could use a good scrubbing from time to time.  The beauty of the KUSSHI products is that they are machine washable. As an organizing professional, I like my products to be functional, neat, and efficient. As a modern woman, I also like them to look great.  Luckily, I get the best of both worlds with my KUSSHI. 

    Editor's Note: 

    We're so happy to be partnering with Megan for KUSSHI Morning Makeovers in Los Angeles, on September 10th from 8-11 AM at Jayde's Market. 

    If you'd like to see more of what Megan does as the Owner of The Organizing Blonde, please visit:

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