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  • March 07, 2020 4 min read

    Dreaming of heading to sandy beaches, having cocktails by the ocean and enjoying a warm breeze? Us too! We've called in some help from Lindsey of Hello Jetlag to ask her about her packing guide tips & tricks for a tropical destination. We're sure you want to start booking that vacation after reading this!


    Warm sunshine, salty air, and sandy beaches make for some of the most relaxing and memorable vacations, and as a travel blogger, nothing makes me more excited than booking a flight to a tropical destination. 

    Whether you’re heading to white sand beaches of Hawaii or the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, this tropical packing guide has got your essentials covered. 


    SWIMSUITS The best part about packing for a tropical getaway is the fact that you really don’t need many clothes. Chances are you’ll be living in a swimsuit during your vacation so I recommend packing 2-3 options so that you always have a dry one available.

    COVER-UPS From sarongs that you can tie around your waist to sundresses that you can throw over any swimsuit, cover-ups are a versatile and comfortable vacation necessity. Make sure to opt for lightweight, easy to dry fabrics. 

    SHOES I aim to pack lightly when it comes to shoes since they take up the most room. 1 pair of flip flops, sneakers if you’ll be hiking, and some espadrilles or a pair of dressy sandals if you’ll be going out at night.

    ACCESSORIES  A wide brim sun hat and a cute pair of sunglasses are a practical way to add stylish accessories to your everyday look. They’ll also double up as added protection for your face and eyes during sunny days.




    Last year I discovered KUSSHI bags and they have been my go-to travel bag for toiletries and makeup ever since. KUSSHI bags are created by women who travel for women who travel and it is apparent in their designs. The bags are not only chic but extremely practical, and their thoughtful features make them one of my favorite travel bags. To read my in-depth review about KUSSHI bags and how I use them, click here. 

    I currently have two KUSSHI bags that I use to organize my beauty products when I travel. My black leather Signature bag carries my everyday makeup and grooming essentials and my navy Signature bag holds my skincare and other toiletries.



    MAKEUP While I usually don’t pack a ton of makeup for tropical vacations, tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara, bronzer, and lip gloss are my go-to's for day and night. I also pack a Beauty Blender and an eyelash curler (KUSSHI has designed a special pocket for each of these in their bags), as well as tweezers, nail clippers and a mattifying face sunscreen to combat shine due to humidity (I love La Roche Posay Dry Touch Sunscreen

    TOILETRIES  My navy blue Signature KUSSHI bag is dedicated to my skincare, travel haircare and the rest of my miscellaneous toiletries. This bag is made from a micro-satin material so it’s great for tossing in your beach bag because if it gets sandy or dirty, it can simply be thrown in the washing machine.



    BUG SPRAY Mosquitoes usually go hand in hand with tropical climates, so having a travel-sized bug spray can come in handy while hiking in remote locations, or when walking around after dark.

    SUNSCREEN For body sunscreen, I prefer a reef-safe option to lessen my environmental footprint around these beautiful yet fragile ecosystems. I’m a fan of Coola products which are reef safe/friendly, organic and smell delicious. 



    DRY BAG A dry bag is one of my must-have travel accessories when traveling to tropical locations. I throw my camera/camera gear, phone and other important belongings inside and they are completely protected from sand and water.

    BOOK OR MAGAZINE Don’t forget a good book or a few magazines for lounging on the beach or by the pool. 

    BINOCULARS If you’re an animal lover like me, be sure to toss a pair of binoculars in your suitcase. Tropical locations are brimming with wildlife and you never know when you might need a closer look. 

    PONCHO Tropical destinations often have unpredictable weather and it’s not uncommon to experience light showers year-round. I usually throw a cheap, disposable poncho in my bag, just in case.




    POWER CONVERTER If you are traveling internationally, you will likely need an outlet converter to charge your electronics. 

    CAMERA As a photographer, my camera is always the first thing I pack, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a DSLR, a point and shoot or your phone, having the means to capture these memories is what’s most important.

    WATERPROOF PHONE CASE Many phones have underwater abilities but if yours does not, take a look at waterproof phone cases so that you can capture moments above and below sea level. 



    I like to use the KUSSHI Clutch during travel days because it holds all of my essentials that I need during the flight, and it fits easily in the seatback pocket.

    I never fly without an eye mask, earplugs, headphones, a hydrating facial mist (airplanes are super dehydrating) and lip balm. The KUSSHI Clutch insert can also be removed and transferred over to the KUSSHI bag to hold my makeup brushes and other beauty products. 

    We hope this has inspired you to book that tropical vacation! Or at least has prepared you for when the time comes. Whatever you do, you're in good hands with these tips and tricks from travel expert Lindsey.


    Lindsey is in love with this planet. Her grandma took her on her first trip (Scotland & Paris) when she was 10 years old and she's been addicted to traveling ever since.
    Lindsey works as freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles and she loves her job, but for the past few years, she's been stuck in this limbo trying to satisfy two very different passions of makeup and travel.

    To follow more of Lindsey's travel adventures follow her on Instagram @hellojetlag and read more of her travel stories on her blog.

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