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  • Must-Haves For Your Next Flight

    February 23, 2017 3 min read


     Here at Kusshi, we are always traveling. Whether for business or for pleasure, someone from our team is on a plane every few weeks. Our Kusshi makeup bag, brush organizer and clutch are ALWAYS in our carry-on for quick and easy touch-ups. And while we love the view from the sky, we always have a few extra things in our bag to make the flight a bit more comfortable.

    Without further ado here are our top must-haves for your next flight:


    Wanna listen to music? Catch the in-flight programming? Or just want to tune out the airplane cacophony?--earphones are key. Whether you prefer earbuds or noise canceling headphones, you should not get on a flight without some. We prefer earbuds because they take up very little space in your carry-on and bonus you can also use them at your hotel gym.


    If you plan on sleeping, this is going to be a lifesaver. Even when the cabin lights are dimmed there’s always some small pesky amount of light that creeps into your space! No matter if it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, you will sleep like a baby if you have a sleep mask on. We never leave for the airport without ours.


    Many major airlines are now allowing you to use your own device for streaming you really want to be watching a movie on your phone? An iPad is perfect for watching movies, working on a document or reading a book on your Kindle app. It’s super light and takes up very little space in your carry-on.

    A Book and/or Newspaper

    When we fly, you’ll never see us without a book and the New York Times. We love the feeling of a paper book in our hand so we always leave a little extra space in our carry-on for a good read. We also like to stay on top of the news when traveling, so we typically spend the first 30 minutes of our flight catching up on current events. If you prefer to save space in your luggage, your iPad is also another great option for reading.

    Water Bottle

    Cruising around at 30,000 feet is one of our favorite places to be, but staying hydrated while you are up there is a must. With many airports installing water bottle filling stations, there is no reason to not bring a water bottle with you. Save some $$ while saving the earth, just make sure that you reserve an aisle seat for your bathroom breaks.


    We love to bring a high-energy snack with us when we travel. A small granola or some nuts are great to have stashed in your bag for when a bout of hunger hits you. Keeping fueled is key when traveling.

    Hand Sanitizer/Disinfectant wipes

    It’s not just us on an airplane (Oh, to have a private jet!!). Germs abound on any flight! Keep yourself protected from a potential cold by using hand sanitizer on your hands and on your seatback tray table.

    Sweater or Pashmina Scarf

    The temperature on airplanes always fluctuates, so we like to be prepared with a sweater or pashmina scarf when we get a chill. We find it’s always great to dress in layers just in case there isn’t a blanket on your seat.

    What are your in-flight essentials?!

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