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  • May 25, 2023 5 min read

    Is there anything better than a weekend away after a long work week? I think not. Whether you’re heading on a sunny trip to the beach, a fresh-air-filled mountain adventure, or having a hotel staycation right down the block, it’s important to pack everything you need so you can enjoy your much-deserved trip, stress-free. If you’re wondering  what to pack for a weekend trip, I’ve got you covered. 

    Below, I dive into all of the packing essentials for a weekend trip—whether that be what to pack for a 2-day trip or a long weekend off for the holiday (MDW plans, anyone?). I’ll cover weekend travel wardrobe and toiletries, weekend trip accessories, and most importantly, how packing smart for a weekend adventure can allow for more fun, too. 

    The Importance of Efficient Packing for Weekend Trips

    No matter how long your weekend trip is going to be, it’s crucial that you plan well and pack efficiently. Of course, what to bring for a weekend trip will really depend on where you go and the climate you’re vacationing in. But, there are always standard essentials you’ll need wherever you go. 

    In my experience, it’s always best to plan out your outfits and write down everything you think you’ll need for the trip. This  packing list has saved me time and time again. Some folks love to throw their whole closet into a large suitcase and put outfits together on their trip. Obviously, this doesn’t allow for light, organized packing. It’s much easier to travel with a smaller suitcase and a well-organized bag.  

    Essential Clothing Items

    When figuring out what to bring for a weekend trip, I like to think about all the activities we will be doing each day and night. I’ll pack outfits based on those activities. Some essential clothing items that I never forget include:

    • Cute and comfy t-shirts
    • A few pairs of jeans (or jean shorts, depending on weather)
    • 1 pair of leggings
    • A few dressier tops for dinner 
    • A sundress (depending on weather)
    • A nicer, flowy dress for dinner
    • 4-5 pairs of undies
    • 2 bras
    • 3-4 pairs of socks
    • 1 pair of pajamas
    • Tennis shoes for travel days
    • Dressy shoes for dinner
    • Casual shoes for daytime
    • A lightweight or heavy jacket (depending on weather)
    • A bathing suit (depending on weather)

    Toiletries and Personal Care Items

    Considering I work as a beauty journalist, you better believe that I rarely pack light when it comes to my toiletries and personal care items. Because I like to pack a solid amount of products, it’s essential that I keep everything organized and in its place. I love using my various KUSSHI makeup bags when I travel because they are so easy to wash and I love that my products can stand on their own within the bag. I appreciate that the zipper opens really wide and that the bottom is flat, so that I can place the bag on a bathroom counter and easily find my products without having to dig around.  

    If I’m going on a long trip for a week or two, I’ll usually fill my KUSSHI  Vacationer Makeup Bag with all my skincare and haircare products. Then, I’ll use my KUSSHI  Signature Makeup Bag to store my makeup. Finally, I like to use the KUSSHI  Everyday Makeup Bag to store all my jewelry that I will need on the trip. Having the  Complete Set has made it super easy to keep me organized.  

    If I’m packing light for a weekend getaway, I try to keep my weekend travel toiletries on the lighter side (this ain’t an easy task for me, though). Some essentials that I absolutely can’t travel without include my  Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation, my  Sofie Pavitt Face Mandelic Clearing Serum, and my  Ogee Crystal Contour Collection

    I like to use my Signature Makeup Bag to store everything in one place. It does a fantastic job of holding my skincare, haircare, and makeup that I will need for a 2- or 3-day trip. 

    KUSSHI Signature Makeup Bag

    Sometimes I like to use the Everyday Makeup Bag to store my daytime essentials in my purse or bag if we are going sightseeing or something during the trip. I’ll include my  Paula’s Choice Lip Balm, Alima Pure foundation for touch ups, a small bottle of sunscreen (I like  Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen), bobby pins, and anything else I like to take with me on the go. 

    Travel Accessories and Gadgets

    The  KUSSHI On-The-Go Pouch Set is a weekend trip essential when it comes to keeping all my incredibly annoying cords organized and untangled while traveling. Sometimes I’ll use the small pouch to store my credit cards, COVID vaccination card, and health insurance card (hey, ya never know!) so that I can throw it in my purse or tote bag.

    KUSSHI Pouch Set

    Other must-have items for a weekend trip are the  KUSSHI Bottle Protectors—they have saved me time and time again. I’ll use these on the toiletries that I’m not sure will make the trek without exploding or spilling into my makeup bags. They basically prevent that from happening. 

    KUSSHI Bottle Protectors

    That being said, I love that basically all KUSSHI products are mashine-washable. Meaning, even if something were to spill, it’s incredibly easy to throw these bottle protectors (or your makeup bags) into the washing machine after your trip.   

    The gadgets I bring while traveling for a weekend trip include my  Kindle,  Apple Airtags (if I’m flying and want to keep track of a checked bag), my  Airpods, all of my various chargers, and my laptop. If I have room in my bag (it’s rare), I like to pack my  Dohm White Noise Machine to help me sleep at night. 

    Packing Tips and Tricks

    Something I’ve learned the hard way as a 5’2” woman is that carrying a heavy duffle bag or a large weekender bag is not very fun. For most of my weekend trip packing, I almost always pack everything into my  Calpak carry-on rolling suitcase. It makes my life so much easier to roll all my essentials rather than carry them on my back. 

    I started using  packing cubes a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. They are definitely one of my weekend trip packing hacks. I like to roll my clothing into my cubes and maximize as much space as possible. 

    Packing efficiently for a weekend trip will save you time, energy, and mental space so you can enjoy your next weekend away. The KUSSHI makeup bags and accessories make traveling a breeze, organizing super simple, and cleaning up any spills as easy as throwing your bag right into the wash post-vacation. 



    Daley Quinn is a former print magazine beauty editor and current beauty, health, and lifestyle journalist. She has been published in over 40 digital publications including Allure, Well + Good, Women’s Health, The Cut, WWD, Real Simple, and many more. Daley also runs a blog called  The Daley Dose, where she covers everything from working in the NYC media industry, her favorite beauty and fashion finds, life updates about sobriety, and more. 

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