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Ambassador Program

Do you travel everywhere with your makeup? Whether to the gym, visiting your mom for the weekend or on your weekly business trip, makeup is something that is often neglected on being organized when you travel with it. We have changed that and we want to make sure that everyone can easily travel anywhere in an organized fashion with their makeup  Being one of our ambassadors, means never having to worry about throwing your makeup into the abyss of your typical disorganized makeup bag.  

We want to be part of your travel experiences by providing you with a first look at the best travel accessories wherever you go. We'll be constantly sending you the latest Kusshi Products to test out as we expand our line of travel accessories.  So whether you’re out there taking care of business, staying healthy at the gym or exploring the world, we'd love to hear from you.


Once you are accepted into our Ambassador program, you have the potential to earn 12% commission on all purchases that you refer. Stay organized, travel and make money. It’s a win-win for everyone.

NOTE:   We want to work closely with all of our Ambassadors, so we will be selective on who we accept into our program.