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Choices, choices and more choices

We are so excited that our kickstarter is launching this coming Monday, July 11th! We wanted you to be the first to see all the rewards we will be offering on Kickstarter when we launch. This way you can make your decisions early and get the best pricing.

Remember, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site, so their lingo is a bit different than most of us are used to. In our mind we would call this a pre-order, but to them, as they are helping us to bring our product to all of you so we can fund our business, they call them pledges. On our Kickstarter page, you will see all of the reward options and decide what reward you would like. Next to that reward will be a corresponding pledge amount that you pay to receive that reward. Once all of our Makeup Bags, Brush Organizers, and Brush Organizer Covers are produced, the reward that you have chosen will be shipped to you. And just in time for the holidays! So remember, when you go onto our Kickstarter site on Monday, you will select a reward and make a pledge to our campaign, which is equivalent to pre-ordering our products.

Below is a chart of all of the Rewards that we will be offering for our Kickstarter campaign. All of our colors are currently being finalized, so we will bring those to you in another blog post later this week.

Kickstarter Pricing Matrix

We also wanted to give you time to ask any questions before the Kickstarter starts. Feel free to send us a note anytime at <a href="mailto:hello@kusshi.co">hello@kusshi.co</a>

Thank you for all of your support!

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