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A Makeup Bag in the Making

What does it really take to make a bag? It has to be designed, a pattern has to be made, fabric has to be chosen and tested, you have to decide which colors to use, snaps and zippers have to be picked out, tested and the metal color chosen, labels have to be designed, thread color has to be picked out AND THEN you can make the bag. After months and months of doing all of the above over and over again, we now have a makeup bag. We are so lucky to have our makeup bags being made by one of the top manufacturers in Europe who makes bags for many of your favorite brands. And let us tell you, they know quality.

Our manufacturer has a Kusshi team that is specially trained in our designs to ensure that our bags are made with the utmost quality. They take pride in their work to ensure that what you receive is properly made and will last.

They take care to ensure that everything is properly measured and cut.

Measuring Leather for Kusshi

They make everything by hand. Every material that has to be cut, every stitch, every snap button and zipper are all done by hand. This is quality.

Punching Leather for Kusshi

Sewing Kusshi

The manufacturer is currently making our first round of samples. Don’t you love the colors? Royal blue, red and a pink. We can’t wait to show you the finished products!

Laying Out Kusshi Brush Organizer Covers

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