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100 Backers and Going Strong!

WOW! It's hard to believe that in just 2 days, over 100 people have backed our campaign AND helped us exceed 50% of our goal. THANK YOU to everyone who has made a pledge, shared our campaign, and helped to spread the word about Kusshi! We are so grateful for your support and generosity early on in our campaign. It means the world to us.

Everyone is loving the Makeup Bag & Brush Organizer combo and by popular demand, we added 2 additional packages: Double the Bags, Double the Fun as well as So Many Bags! were added for those who want to pre-order multiple Makeup Bag and Brush Organizers without the cover. The Pricing Chart is being updated, but the rewards are available now.

If you have already backed our campaign, please take a moment right now to help us reach our goal: find one person in your circle who would be willing to contribute to the campaign today. If each of you do this, we can double the number of backers and hit our goal. As a community of Kusshi fans, we can make this happen together!

The other thing you can do to help today is to share this link on Facebook, or with those people who you think are most likely to contribute: http://kck.st/29sjHuo

Finally, if you are looking for another Kickstarter campaign to support (and some cool spa products to add to your makeup bag!) we would highly recommend SpaCafe. They make handmade bath and body products for men and women. Great soothing, sophisticated, and subtly scented products with natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, that leave your skin feeling soft and silky. They also offer a range of shaving and facial hair products for men! You can check them out here.

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